The shooting of a mystical series with Mariana Spivak and Alexander Robak has started

17 january 2023


Filming of a new mystical series "We are here to help you" for Okko has begun in Kazakhstan.
A joint project of LOOKFILM with the Place of Power film company and Originals Production.
This is a story about how those who are not at all like typical superheroes are able to fight absolute evil. The series is about a 14-year-old teenager who will have to resist supernatural forces.
"The most important thing for me is not the mystical component and not the technical equipment — human relationships. The eternal theme of fathers and children. In our case, mother and son. You can always find something new in such a topic. I hope that we have found it and will try to convey important meanings to the viewer," says director Dmitry Tyurin ("Trigger", "Epidemic", "Spoiler").
Actors Arseniy Kasperovich, Alexey Maklakov, Mariana Spivak, Vadim Filipchenkov, Sergey Yatsenyuk, Alice Dmitrieva, Vladimir Verevochkin, Alexander Robak, Eddar Kalimulin and others will take part in the series.
In total, the audience is waiting for eight episodes of 50 minutes each. Filming of the series "We are here to help you" will take place in Kazakhstan and will last until mid-spring 2023. The premiere will take place on Okko no earlier than the upcoming autumn.

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