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A young man wakes up in a morgue. He has no clothes on, and he does not know how he has got there, but what is the most important, he does not remember who he is. In his mind, he sees only some vague flashes of memory without making a coherent picture, and his life in the real world resembles a never-ending nightmare – a prison with no escape from. But is this prison real or is it just a projection of his mind?
The film participated in the following film festivals: Windows on Europe Film Festival – winner in the Best Debut nomination, participant of Warsaw and Honfleur Film Festivals
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
  • Dmitry Rakov
Art direction:
  • Natalya Trefilova
  • Aleksandr Plotnikov,
  • Flyuza Farkhshatova,
  • Vladislav Ogay
  • Andrey Fekhretdinov,
  • Alexey Onezhin,
  • Marina Vaynbrand,
  • Veronika Vernadskaya,
  • Dmitry Vorontsov

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