"Deadly Number": the New Year's special episode of the TV series "Survivors" will be released on Okko on December 29

29 december 2023


Okko online cinema and LOOKFILM film company will release a special New Year's episode "Survivors. The deadly issue" on December 29.
Georgy Boldugerov, a student of Boris Khlebnikov, who acted as a producer of the New Year's special together with Alexander Plotnikov, became the director and screenwriter of the special episode. Starring: Alexey Filimonov, Daria Savelyeva, Anatoly Popov, Artyom Kobzev, Varvara Knyazeva, Evgeny Muravich, Dmitry Blokhin, Irina Onatskaya, Anna Krasilnikova and Dmitry Dyuzhev.

Harsh post-apocalyptic everyday life. On New Year's Eve, a bus with artists headed by Dmitry Dyuzhev rushes through the endless frozen expanses. Suddenly, the guest performers are stopped by armed men. The conversation is short ― everyone is at a loss, but at the last moment the thugs recognize the star of the "Brigade". Bandits make an offer to the artists, which they cannot refuse. Ahead is a New Year's corporate party in front of a bunch of scumbags and the main highlight of the program is a deadly number. That's just for whom?

Alexander Plotnikov, producer of the TV series "Survivors": "We made a special New Year's episode, "Death Room," which serves as a kind of bridge between the first and second seasons. The idea was by Gabriel Gordeev. The director was Boris Khlebnikov's student, Georgy Boldugerov, who received the prize for best director at last year's festival "Shorter" (the film "Fishing"). Naturally, new characters and new faces will appear in the new series, but, of course, there will be heroes of the first season, but not all of them will appear in this episode. I will not spoilerize — you will see for yourself."

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