7 february 2024


The new season of "SURVIVORS 2 AWAKENING" will be available to Okko users from February 8th.
The director of the series "SURVIVORS 2 AWAKENING" was Evgeny Emelin, the creative producer was Andrey Proshkin. The new season of "Survivors" will tell about a world on the brink of disaster, gripped by an unknown disease to science.
In the new season, to the already beloved characters performed by Alexey Filimonov ("Devyataev", "Vertinsky"), Daria Savelyeva ("An Ordinary Woman"), Valentina Lukashchuk ("School"), Vitaly Kornienko ("Ice 2", "Vampires of the Middle lane"), Evgeny Koryakovsky ("The Germans", "Black Spring"), Anna Slyu ("Flood") and Sergei Bondarchuk ("Doctor Lisa") will add new characters in the story, whose roles will be played by Marietta Tsigal-Polishchuk ("Ranevskaya", "Mysterious Passion"), Fedor Lavrov ("Let's get divorced"), Dmitry Kulichkov ("Sergiy vs dishonesty-2"), Anton Filipenko ("Kidney"), Evgenia Kregzhde ("Psycho"), Sergey Volkov ("Mosgaz"), Sergey Gilev ("Fisher", "Nuuccia"), Kirill Nazarov ("Lucky"), Tasha Tsvetkova ("YUZZZ") and Alexey Shevchenkov ("Actresses").
The post-apocalyptic universe of the project will be replenished with the main series, consisting of 9 episodes of 50 minutes each and 5 independent web series, consisting of episodes up to 10 minutes, where other characters act in a familiar reality. The web series "Circles", "Grandfather", "Interrogation", "Pregnant" and "Patrol", the creative producer of which, as in the first season, was Bakur Bakuradze, will continue to immerse viewers in the universe of "Survivors" in parallel with the narrative of the main series.
Alexander Plotnikov, producer: "We continue to develop the universe of "Survivors", in the second season of which we have slightly changed the terms: Andrey Proshkin took over the duties of a creative producer, and Yevgeny Emelin became the director of the main series, who made several web series for the first season. And, of course, we continued the line of web sites, for which Bakur Bakuradze is responsible. We are glad that the premiere at Okko is very soon and we are excited to see what the audience will say."
Gavriil Gordeev, producer of the original Okko content: "In the universe of the Survivors, life did not stop and continued to develop. And now, two years after the events of the first season, you can see how she has changed. It is extremely interesting to observe this: new characters, new circumstances and conditions around them, but still the same sleepy epidemic. "SURVIVORS 2 AWAKENING" is a large—scale post-apocalyptic adventure and overcoming in the locations of the Russian steppe."

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