The premiere of the family comedy series “Uncle Lesha” with Timofey Tribuntsev will take place on May 1 at the KION online cinema

23 appril 2024


On May 1, the KION online cinema will premiere the comedy series “Uncle Lesha” - a good comedy about a simple janitor from the city of Rybinsk, who actually turns out to be not so simple. Every night, he puts on a mask, gets on a bicycle and commits daring robberies of the homes of the local rich in order to provide orphans from the orphanage in which he works with everything they need and restore social justice.
The main roles in the series were played by Timofey Tribuntsev (“Bullfinch"), Anna Ukolova ("House Arrest"), Sergey Lavygin ("Bitter!"), Grigory Dudnik ("Patriot") and Svetlana Sukhanova ("Policeman from Rublevka"). Directed by Dmitry Nevzorov ("Free Relations", "Cyber Village"), the production of the project from the KION Originals line was handled by the Place of Power company and the LOOKFILM studio.
The creative group looked for inspiration for the creation of the series “Uncle Lesha" in the eternal Soviet classics - the films of Eldar Ryazanov and Lev Kulidzhanov; and the line, which consists in the confrontation between Uncle Lesha and investigator Pavlov, was built in the spirit of popular detective series.The hero of Timofey Tribuntsev is positioned by the authors of the comedy as a modern Robin Hood or Yuri Detochkin from Ryazanov's famous film "Beware of the Car!". Uncle Lesha is both a noble robber and a big child with a pure heart who believes in justice and tries to achieve it by resorting to questionable methods.
Timofey Tribuntsev, actor: “A kind and bright story. It's both pleasant and difficult to play a character like Uncle Lesha.”
Anna Ukolova, actress: “My heroine is a kind woman with her own principles, but these principles are constantly being tested, which she will overcome. The filming of “Uncle Lesha” took place in the city of Rybinsk, which became a full-fledged hero of the series.”
Sergey Lavygin, actor: “At first, the character I was offered to play was incomprehensible to me. Later, together with Dima Nevzorov, the author of the script and the director of the project, word for word, they began to finish the role, come up with a biography of the character, look for the original event, delve into the plot. The more we came up with, the more I liked our investigator Pavlov and the story itself - it's kind, naive and intimate."
Dmitry Nevzorov, director: "I like to say that Uncle Lesha is the most soulful series of the year. It tells the story of a desperate man who finds new meanings in life. Uncle Lesha is a modern hero, he took responsibility and decided to restore justice, while not betraying his principles. As a director and one of the authors of this project, I want to remind people that love, kindness and humanity are stronger than anything else."

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