Filming of the series “Close Happiness” with Alina Voskresenskaya, Mikhail Kremer and Ferhat Yilmaz has begun in Turkey

6 may 2024


Turkish melodrama based on the novel by French writer Emile Zola “Ladies' 
Happiness” KION online cinema and LOOKFILM studio have started filming the Turkish melodrama “Close Happiness“ based on the novel by French writer Emile Zola ”Ladies' Happiness". This is a novel about the relationship between a poor Russian girl Nina and Ruslan, a ladies' man and the owner of the most beautiful women's clothing and accessories store in the city. The series will be directed by Pavel Drozdov (Rostov, The Lighthouse Keeper), the script by Elena Isaeva (Knock on My Door in Moscow) and Olga Mikhailova (Kuprin. The pit”). The exclusive premiere of the series will take place at the KION online cinema.
The authors will present to the audience a Russian love story with a Turkish flavor. Along with popular Russian actors Alina Voskresenskaya, Mikhail Kremer, Anna Ardova and Vadim Andreev, Turkish film stars Ferhat Yilmaz, Ozguhan Chemi, Mirai Akai, Batukhan Gulchemai and others star in the series.
"Close happiness" is the name of the shopping center, which is owned by a young businessman Ruslan Adamov. After the death of his wife, he devoted himself to his son and work and, despite his popularity with girls, does not start a serious relationship. One day, a Russian girl, Nina, appears in his store. Her foster parents' house burned down, and now she desperately needs a job. Having seen the potential in the girl, Ruslan takes her to himself. Nina turns out to be extremely talented: her suggestions surprise Adamov and benefit the business.
The characters realize that they are seriously falling in love with each other, but circumstances are against them.
Elena Isaeva, the author of the script: ""Close Happiness" is a classic melodrama. This genre will not lose popularity as long as love exists on earth. In my youth, I did a lot of documentary theater, and Emile Zola, as a representative of the natural school, interested me more than others. Precision in detail, growing to metaphors, is his hallmark. And the conflict and love of the characters, taking place against the background of precisely prescribed specifics, looks more convincing and lively. In the script, Zola's approach to work remained meticulous and scrupulous. The action has been transferred to modern Turkey, the versatility and archetypal nature of the writer's works allow this to be done. In any country, the poorest Cinderella saleswoman who loves her job can become the beloved woman of the store owner."
Alexander Plotnikov, producer: “The genre of the series - melodrama - is the most popular story among viewers. The filming of the project will take place in Istanbul and the surrounding area. This is a great, original and very beautiful city - there can be no better location for a love story.”

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