Where wormwood blooms


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Where wormwood blooms

The main character is Ulyana, a 10th grade student. One day she runs into a witch named Ruta, who forces the girl to make a deal with her.
According to the conditions of Rue, Ulyana must bring her the belongings of three dead people. In return, the girl's mother will remain alive, and the main character ceases to see the deaths of loved ones. The girl meets other "servants" of the witch, and also meets those who managed to escape from her – and understands that you can survive in this game only by defeating the witch…
  • Mikhail Shulman,
  • with the participation of Anastasia Zarubeeva
  • Kirill Kuzin
  • Dmitry Trifonov
Art direction:
  • Anna Lazareva
  • Igor Mishin,
  • Natasha Isakova,
  • Maxim Filatov,
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Inna Dunaeva,
  • Anna Tikhonova
  • Victoria Agalakova,
  • Rinal Mukhametov,
  • Artem Tkachenko,
  • Sabina Akhmedova,
  • Illarion Marov

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