The Lesser Evil


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The Lesser Evil

The main characters of the picture are a married couple, Vika and Maxim. Their relationship has long lost passion. Maxim is trying to return the old intimacy to the relationship. He is ready to have a child, but, unfortunately, is infertile. Maxim tells about the problems to Pavel, his wife's former lover.
Pavel's girlfriend Alice offers him to become a donor so that Maxim and Vika have a child. However, after that, Pavel must disappear from the life of the family. The hero seems to agree with this condition, but over time he realizes that Vika is the main woman in his life, whom he cannot leave. In an attempt to sort out a complicated relationship, all four go to a music festival. There the heroes will have to make important decisions about the future…
  • Viktor Shamirov,
  • Olga Motina-Suponeva
  • Victor Shamirov
  • Igor Mishin,
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Maxim Filatov,
  • Natalia Isakova (creative),
  • Irina Shcherbovich-Evening (presenter),
  • Anna Tikhonova (presenter)
  • Alexey Rozin,
  • Viktor Dobronravov,
  • Polina Agureeva,
  • Yulia Grevtsova

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