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Vika, the wife of a major official, is forced to follow her married to the small Siberian town of Tashtagol, where he is running for mayor. As a result of a family quarrel and a series of comical incidents, she loses her memory, completely forgetting who she is and where she comes from.
Vika loses her memory and wakes up in the house of the unsociable forester Mikhail, who is raising three children alone. Taking advantage of the fact that Vika does not remember anything, the children inform her that she is their mother… At the same time, an election race starts in the city, in which the forester unexpectedly finds himself involved. He asks his new wife to help him with his image and preparations for the elections. The case takes an even more comedic turn when the unsuspecting heroine joins the political struggle against her real husband.
  • Irina Pivovarova,
  • Ekaterina Sazonova,
  • Anna-Lisa Tehmeneva,
  • Natalia Smolokurova
  • Lana Vlady
  • Igor Mishin,
  • Boris Khlebnikov,
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Maxim Filatov
  • Yekaterina Varnava,
  • Evgeniy Tsyganov,
  • Yuri Chursin

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