The Yakut film "Nuuchcha" is in the competition of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival

9 august 2021


The film "Nuuchcha" by the Yakut director Vladimir Munkuyev entered the competition "East-West" of the international film Festival in Karlovy Vary. The film screening will be held on August 20-28. There are 12 films in the competition, and only one is from Russia.

A psychological drama is based on the works of the Polish writer and ethnographer Waclaw Sieroszewski. Time and place of action - the Yakut region, the end of the 19th century. Khabdyhzi and his wife Keremes, having buried their second child, are preparing for a harsh and hungry winter. The local sovereign, instead of the promised help, forces them to accept the Russian convict Kostya...

"After reading the works of Waclaw Sieroszewski for the first time, I noticed that his works are no longer ethnographic, but artistic,"- director and screenwriter of the film Vladimir Munkuyev says (quoted from the release sent to RG). - Yes, this is a description of the life of a small folk, somewhere in the depths of Siberia, but, at the same time, it describes more characters and conflicts, experiences and relationships of people. This is a movie about a man who wanted to help people, but thus he aggravated the situation and became an aggressor. For me, the most important task in this film was to show the ambiguity of all the characters."

Sergey Gilev, Pavel Kolesov, Irina Mikhailova, Innokenty Lukovtsev, Danil Osipov, Zoya Bagynanova, Nikolai Protasov and others starred in the film. The film is produced by Boris Khlebnikov, Alexander Plotnikov, Evgeny Nikishov, Valery Fedorovich, Albert Ryabyshev and Andrey Ushatsky.

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