"Captain Volkonogov Escaped" will be premiered at the 78th Venice Film Festival

12 august 2021


The French company Memento International has become a partner in the implementation of the international rights of the film "Captain Volkonogov Escaped" directed by Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov.

The film is a joint production of Russia ("Mesto Sily", LOOK FILM), Estonia (Homeless Bob Production) and France (Kinovista). The producers are Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov, Alexander Plotnikov, co-producers are Katrin Kissa, Charles-Evrar Chekhov and Nadezhda Zayonchkovskaya.

«We believed in the film "Captain Volkonogov Escaped" as soon as we read the script, " - producer Valery Fedorovich says.And when the development began, the first sketches, costumes, locations appeared – it became clear that this film would become a milestone. I have no doubt that the film will get not only an interesting festival future, but also a wide audience response. The interest in the film from international distributors proves us the fact that the theme of the film is universal and it will be in demand in the world. We chose Memento International because we felt that we are of the same blood with them, that we see and love our film equally, which means that now we will work together to make the film presentation as remarkable as possible."

"Captain Volkonogov Escaped" is a chase film with an incredible pace and a bright, bold direction," Memento sales Director Mathieu Delon says. – We were all very impressed by the deeply human script of Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov and their cinematic solution, comparable to a punch in the gut."

The main theme of the film "Captain Volkonogov Escaped" is the path to forgiveness.

"We believe that the theme of redemption is universal, especially if we are talking about a person who has blood on his hands, " director and screenwriter Alexey Chupov says. – Can such a person get a chance for remission? Our film is looking for an answer to this question" The main character Fedor Volkonogov, played by Yura Borisov, a law enforcement officer, suddenly turns out to be a suspect and has to flee and hide on the city outskirts. At night, he receives a message from hell saying the devil is already waiting for him there, but he has the only chance to avoid his fate – to get the forgiveness of at least one person to whose house he had once brought the death.

"Memento International team fell in love with "Captain Volkonogov Escaped", fought for the right to present the picture and, from the first second of confirmation of the cooperation, invested its entire expertise in the work on the project. We get a real pleasure from partnering with like-minded people of this level, " - the co-producer of the film Nadezhda Zayonchkovskaya says.

The film was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the Foundation for the Development of Modern Cinema "Kinoprime", the European Foundation for the Support of Joint Film Production and Distribution of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Works Eurimages, the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, the Estonian Film Foundation and the French Foundation L'aide aux cinémas du monde.

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