Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone. The final

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Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone. The final

Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone. Final" is not one, but three films with different plot development options. The final story is about five teenagers trying to stop a worldwide disaster in their confrontation with the anomalous zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. To solve the mystery of the exclusion zone origin, they will have to go back to where it all started – to Pripyat.
Instead of one, three films produced by the Look Film company with different options of unravelling of the plot were released online. The films have a common starting point, but, at a certain moment, the plot begins to branch out, which leads to three different endings. No one in Russia has ever released a movie in this format.

The idea to shoot three versions – or three universes, – appeared after Ilya Kulikov had talked to the producers: he offered various versions of the end, and the project creators liked all of them so much that they decided to shoot three films instead of one. It took six months to write the first version, and two more months to create two other universes. All three films start the same way, but, at certain points, the action branches out and the plot changes under the influence of the "butterfly effect": in one version, for example, the hero may die, and in another – survive. Also, the three films differ from each other in mood, and, as Ilya Kulikov says, the viewer will get completely different impressions from watching them.

And all three films, he is sure, "will give different emotions." In one of the films, the hero may die, and in the other – survive; in one film, new characters will appear and directly affect the fate of the heroes.

During the filming, not only the numbers of scenes, but also the numbers of universes were written on the clapper. First, a scene for the first universe was shot, then - for the second, then - for the third, and each of them had its specific features.

Film "Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone. Final" was filmed in 32 shifts from October 2018 to April 2019. Since most of the shifts were in the winter, the actors were most bothered by the cold. In one of the opening shots of the film, the hero Pasha played by Konstantin Davydov goes through a cemetery with carnations in his hands - according to the actor, the flowers needed to be replaced after each take, because the fragile plants broke down in the cold, like matches.

Only a small part of the filming took place directly in Pripyat – most scenes were shot in Moscow and the Moscow region, on location and in real interiors, modified by artists. Exteriors of the reactor and the space of the Zone were filmed on the territory of two plants – in the city of Zheleznodorozhny near Moscow and in the Moscow district Altufevo. The team of artists did a great job to give the industrial zones the appearance of abandoned spaces in the 80s: appropriate posters, inscriptions, etc. appeared on the walls.

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  • Ilya Kulikov
  • Dmitry Kiselyov
  • Sergey Kozlov
Art direction:
  • Elizaveta Lavinskaya, Natalia Zanchevskaya
  • Evgeny Nikishov,
  • Valery Fedorovich,
  • Alexander Plotnikov
  • Konstantin Davydov,
  • Kristina Kazinskaya,
  • Anvar Khalilulaev,
  • Valeria Dmitrieva,
  • Vladimir Ilyin,
  • Evgeny Stychkin,
  • Sergey Romanovich,
  • Evgeny Syty,
  • Ilya Shcherbinin,
  • Natalia Kolyakanova

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