drama, comedy2021


The main character is a fire service inspector Natalia Kustova performed by Lyubov Aksenova. Everything is fine in her life — every inspection ends with a serious kush. For the sake of profit, she will stop at nothing — she will even undress her own brother and sister.
Kustova thinks that everything in life can be bought: solid friends, an apartment, premium brand clothes and a handsome boyfriend. But he's wrong…

At a routine check-up, it turns out that Natalia urgently needs a healthy kidney. She has three months to find a donor. Ironically, and by law, Natalia's kidney can only be given by a blood relative. Of course, none of them is in a hurry to help Natalia. The girl will have to look for the most extravagant ways to solve the problem. And the viewer will puzzle all ten episodes — the heroine really understood something and changed, or is this another game?
  • Maria Shulgina,
  • Elizaveta Tikhonova
  • Maria Shulgina
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Boris Khlebnikov,
  • Igor Mishin,
  • Maxim Filatov,
  • Avdotya Smirnova,
  • Natalia Isakova
  • Lyubov Aksenova,
  • Nikolay Fomenko,
  • Anton Filipenko,
  • Irina Rozanova,
  • Alexey Rozin and others

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