The God Complex

detective drama2022

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The God Complex

Alexey is a successful psychiatrist who practices in a private medical center. One day an unusual patient comes to see him — businessman Vladimir, suffering from obsessive thoughts.
At the same time, the famous and eccentric pianist Konstantin Zobnin's daughter disappears, and then another girl disappears. Alexey suspects that the patient may be involved in these crimes - and transmits information about him to law enforcement officers. This step starts a chain of tragic events, from which all the heroes of this story will suffer.
  • Alyona Zvantsova
  • Fluza Farkhshatova
  • Elena Ivanova
Art direction:
  • Anna Lazareva
  • Igor Mishin,
  • Maxim Filatov,
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Natasha Isakova (creative),
  • Inna Dunaeva,
  • Anna Tikhonova,
  • Natalia Lavrova (presenters)
  • Kirill Kyaro,
  • Daniil Strakhov,
  • Shamil Khamatov,
  • Nikolai Schreiber,
  • Marina Vasilyeva,
  • Olga Lerman and others

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