Peace to Us in Our Dreams

feature-length film2015

Peace to Us in Our Dreams

The film tells about the first teenage love. The girl lives in the city, the guy lives in the village. The girl's mother died, she lives with her father. He is an emergency physician, and almost all the time at work. His daughter feels lonely, she needs attention from her father, and she is missing her mother and a family comfort.

The mother of the guy is an alcoholic. He has no father. The teenagers meet in the summer and on Sundays, when the girl comes to the country estate near the village with her father.

The mother of the guy does not work, they live in poverty. She forces the young man to steal. She hangs out with the neighbour who is beating her, and dislikes her son.

The father of the girl is in relationship with the nurse from the same hospital. The nurse sincerely loves him and cares for him and his daughter. The love of the man to the nurse has died a long time ago, he maintains the relations with her by force of habit. At the same time he is dating a young girl who plays violin. Their relationship are aggravated by her instability and uncertainty, along with her insincere relations with his daughter.
  • Sharunas Bartas
  • Sharunas Bartas
  • Eytvidas Doshkus
  • Aleksandr Plotnikov,
  • Jurga Dikchiyviane,
  • Filipp Avril,
  • Yania Krali
  • Ina Marija Bartait√©,
  • Sharunas Bartas,
  • Edvinas Goldshtein,
  • Lora Kmieliauskaite,
  • Giedrus Nakas

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