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The spouse Sergey is visiting the psychoanalyst Bryusov who continues instilling Shalamov the idea to divorce with his wife. “Family is not the main thing! The main thing is what you want,” he says. On Bryusov's opinion, his wife suppresses his sense of self. At the same time, Lenochka, Shalamov's spouse, is going to confession to the priest, Father Sergius. The father, unlike the psychoanalyst, charges Lena to keep the family together by all means. “Family is the main thing! Give all for the sake of the family!” When Lena gently remarks that she wants some tenderness and care, Father Sergius tell her firmly, “You do not need it! Everything is in God's hands! Keeping the family together is the most important!” This confrontation between the priest and the psychoanalyst has been lasting for one and a half year.
The film participated in the following film festivals: Windows on Europe Film Festival – winner in the Best Debut nomination; Special Prize of the Guild of Film Critics of Russia; prize of Savva Kulish - to Dmitry Lemeshev, the author of the script of the film "Patients" - for original dramatic decisions.
  • Dmitry Lemeshev
  • Ella Omelchenko
  • Kirill Gerra
  • Aleksandr Plotnikov
  • Pavel Barshak,
  • Timofey Tribuncev,
  • Mariana Kirsanova,
  • Dmitriy Myhamadeev.

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