The Hope Factory

feature-length film2014

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The Hope Factory

The film is set in Norilsk, the northern industrial city isolated from the mainland. The main character is a young girl who thinks that her personal happiness is directly depending on where she is. She is sure that if she changes her location, her life will change, too. This is the story of 17-year-old teenagers trying to dispose their own and other people's destiny.
The film participated in the following film festivals: International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Natalya Meschaninova,
  • Ivan Ugarov,
  • Lyubov Molnenko
  • Natalya Meschaninova
  • Ivan Mamonov,
  • Evgeny Tsvetkov
Art direction:
  • Olga Yurasova
  • Aleksandr Plotnikov,
  • Elena Stepanischeva,
  • Zaur Bolotayev,
  • Evgeny Syomin,
  • Pyotr Gudkov
  • Darya Savelyeva,
  • Polina Shanina,
  • Maxim Stoyanov,
  • Danil Steklov,
  • Stepan Devonin,
  • Sergey Ovchinnikov

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