Till night do us part

feature-length film2012

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Till night do us part

What men and women actually talk about? The film is based on true stories overheard in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants. One hectic day in the life of the restaurant is twisting famous artists, pretentious businessmen, fancy girls from Rublevka and gilded youth as a merry-go-round. The life story of two waiters, a fat one and a thin one, intertwine the line of the episodes. Both are hopelessly in love: one of them with his wife and the other is with another man's wife. And the true love is born at the kitchen…
The film participated in the following film festivals: Warsaw Film Festival, Film Festival Cottbus, London Russian Film Festival, Russian Film Week in Berlin, Tbilisi International Film Festival, Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist (Ukraine), Filmfest Hamburg, Göteborg International Film Festival, Münster Film Festival, Dusseldorf Film Museum, Golden Apricot International Film Festival (Armenia).
  • Aleksandr Rodionov
  • Boris Khlebnikov
  • Pavel Kostomarov
Art direction:
  • Olga Khlebnikova
  • leksandr Plotnikov,
  • Elena Stepanischeva,
  • Zaur Bolotayev,
  • Petr Gudkov,
  • Evgeny Syomin,
  • Vladislav Ogay
  • Sergey Shnurov,
  • Alexander Yacenko,
  • Eugeniy Sitiy,
  • Sakhat Dursunov,
  • Oksana Fandera,
  • Anna Mikhailova,
  • Klavdia Korshunova,
  • Maria Shalaeva,
  • Avdotia Smirnova,
  • Alena Doleckaya

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