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LookFilm is working on a historical detective by commission of NTV. "Bezsonov" is a 20-episode film telling the story of a St. Petersburg detective-adventurer with a unique memory. The hero is engaged in the most mysterious and cruel crimes of the beginning of XX century. The script was written by Victor Dement and Andrei Marmontov. The main role is played by Denis Nurulin. Alexei Grishin, Andrei Leonov, Vladimir Vinogradov, and Galina Kashkovskaya also play in the film. The director is Viktor Bozhinov, a director from Bulgaria.
A young man from the noble family of Bezsonov - Nikolai - by chance and at the behest of his heart becomes an ordinary officer of the detective police. His colleagues accept him coldly and only an experienced clerk Pyotr Romanovich Shchukin (Alexei Grishin) believes the young man will become the future star of the investigation. Together they try to investigate a chain of mysterious and dangerous crimes committed in the city slums and boudoir of a socialite.

“My hero is called Nikolai Bezsonov. This is a young prince who graduated from two departments - law and chemistry. He is a very clever man, with a brilliant memory, with an honest and fair attitude to people who consider him as outstanding person. And he is really outstanding. He thinks differently and is always 2-3 steps ahead. He achieves justice and helps people! The other person would have closed his eyes and leave, but not Bezsonov! He is an adventurer: easy, kind, and honest," Denis Nurulin, the performer of the main role, said.

The viewers will see not only exciting plot turns, but landscapes rich in diverse colors as the most magnificent historical sites of Moscow and the Moscow region served as the locations for shooting, which will make the audience plunge into the atmosphere of the time.
  • Victor Dement,
  • Andrei Marmontov
  • Viktor Bozhinov
  • Anton Bakarsi
Art direction:
  • Vadim Ulanovsky
  • Alexander Plotnikov,
  • Victor Dement,
  • Andrei Marmontov,
  • Anna Ryzhikova
  • Denis Nurulin,
  • Alexey Grishin,
  • Galina Kashkovskaya,
  • Andrei Leonov,
  • Ivan Agapov,
  • Artem Markaryan

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