Original + Award for Viktor Shamirov 's series "The Lesser Evil"

22 june 2022


The actress of the dramedy "The Lesser Evil" Yulia Grevtsova, who performed one of the main roles in the series, was awarded in the nomination "Original Actress" at the content festival of streaming platforms Original+. Congratulations!
"The Lesser Evil" is a joint project of LOOK FIRM and KION. The project was directed by Viktor Shamirov. The main roles in the series were played by Alexey Rozin, Viktor Dobronravov, Polina Agureeva and Yulia Grevtsova. Viktor Shamirov and Olga Motina-Suponeva worked on the script. The producers of the series are Igor Mishin, Alexander Plotnikov and Maxim Filatov, the creative producer is Natalia Isakova,
The series "The Lesser Evil" will be available exclusively in the online cinema KION.

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