6 december 2023


On December 30, at 21:00, the premiere of our New Year's film "I Won't Tell", based on the play of the same name by Alexander Tsypkin, will take place on the STS channel. The creative producer of the project was Anna Parmas. Starring: Maria Andreeva, Anna Knyazareva, Stepan Devonin, Anton Vasiliev, Alice Prokhorova, Boris Deikov and Tatiana Lyutaeva.
According to the plot, on the eve of the New Year, Pavel mistakenly takes someone else's coat, in which he finds an expensive piece of jewelry. At home, he realizes that his daughter's letter to Santa Claus is left in the pocket of his lost coat. The father of the family, along with his wife, is trying to find out exactly what the girl wished for. But six-year-old Varya is afraid to talk about her dream, otherwise it will not come true. To keep the child's faith in a miracle, the parents will have to find a letter that was lost in the vast Moscow, and at the same time return the found gift. "The story is kind, but not cloying, with humor, sometimes with sarcasm, while showing the bright side in us. Plus, a suspenseful plot and an unexpected ending. And of course, the feeling of a miracle in which there is no fairy—tale magic, so you believe in it," Alexander Tsypkin shares. — In many ways it is written about dads and for dads. I can't say if we had something similar on our screens."
Alexander adds that he is especially pleased with the team that is working on the film adaptation: "When a master like Anna Parmas is involved in a film, the only right decision is not to get involved and spoil nothing. I am glad that, thanks to new circumstances, a role has appeared for me. Just a few words, but in a project run by Parmas."
"I won't say" — first of all about the crisis in couples, says Anna PARMAS which our heroes successfully overcome in the most unexpected way.
The New Year partly helps them in this, because it often seems to us that only good things will begin on January 1."

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