"The Ordinary Woman" was awarded with four TEFI

13 october 2019


On October 2, the Moscow Musical Theatre hosted the awarding ceremony for the TEFI-2019 television prize winners. Four prizes, including a prize in the category "Best TV Film/Series", went to Boris Khlebnikov's series "The Ordinary Woman".

Orpheus statuettes as "The Best Director of a TV Film/Series" were awarded to Boris Khlebnikov, the creator of the series "The Ordinary Woman".

Anna Mikhalkova, who played a major role in the series was recognized the best actress of the TV film/series.

The winners in the category "TV Producer of the season" were the producers of the "The Ordinary Woman" series - Valery Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov.

Neither Boris Khlebnikov nor Anna Mikhalkova could attend the awarding ceremony that evening, and, instead of them, it was the crew of the film who appeared on the stage three times - producers Valery Fedorovich, Yevgeny Nikishov and Albert Ryabyshev, screenwriters Denis Utochkin and Maria Melenevskaya, and producer Alexander Sysoev.

When accepting the award, Valery Fedorovich noted that Mikhalkova has won many awards for her role in this TV film, and TEFI was among the main ones. During the awarding ceremony, Valery Fedorovich also announced that the shooting of the sequel to the series "The Ordinary Woman", on which Boris Khlebnikov was working together with Natalia Meshchaninova, will start in two weeks.

The winners of the contest were awarded with a bronze statuette "Orpheus":  a sculpture of a character from the ancient Greek mythology, a singer and musician called Orpheus who tears his breasts and plays on the strings of his soul.  

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