The movie "Pain Threshold" was released in public screening

16 october 2019


On October 3, the Illuzion Theatre hosted the premiere of the film "Pain Threshold" produced by LOOK FILM and R-Media. The film was presented by its director Andrei Simonov, producers Albert Ryabyshev and Andrey Ushatsky, and actors Roman Kurtsyn, Arina Postnikova, Kirill Komarov, Natalia Skomorokhova, Alexander Golubkov, and Grigory Chaban. Rich in magnificent scenes and extreme situations, the film electrified the audience till the final titles.

The script was written by Andrei Simonov in 2013, three years later the shooting of the film began, and now it finally came out on the screens. 

 Andrey Simonov, director of the film "Pain Threshold":  "The project "Pain Threshold" initially was the idea of the producer.  He is a great fan of river rafting who has passed the steep thresholds in the Altai Mountains multiple times. And he had a dream to make an adventure film about it to declare the conflict between the city and the wildlife.  I was interested and wrote the script happily.  According to the plot, at first, some Moscow guys got into trouble in the Altai, but then we realized that it made sense to strengthen the contrast, so that the guys turned into high class dandies who were used to the fact their problems were solved quickly and easily. And now they get into extreme conditions of survival - this is the main story.  I think we have a good combination of thriller and drama.

"I had to conquer a mountain river. And these are constantly changing conditions: today it is quiet and calm, tomorrow it is stormy, with rabid boulders and swirls. And actors had to jump there. Of course, this also had its advantages. The actors were not sprayed with water and did not simulate the rafting, but really rafted along the rivers. All their emotions were real. Periodically, there were extreme situations. At some point, Natalia Skomorokhova got into a rift without serious safety means because her boat had detached from the one of the cameraman. It was difficult to dare shooting another double, but Natasha overthrew her fear.  Roma Kurtsyn was eager to do everything himself and inspired the others to follow him, but we kept them safe and tried to avoid dangerous situations. There were dangerous tricks even for stuntmen..."

Andrei Berezkin, trick maker:  "The film has a strong trick part.  For example, the plot set-up:  a car with the rushes along the road, a cyclist comes from the opposite direction, and the car crashes into the glass of the club, where people sit and listen to Sergei Gorelikov's performance.  We had only two attempts to shoot it.  Of course, at the moment of the trick, there were stuntmen sitting in the club instead of the ordinary people who had to run away from their car and, at the same time, not get hurt by the flying glass.  But most of the shootings took place in the Altai, in mountain rivers and forests, so there's plenty to see.

The film was released widely on October 10.  

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