The premiere of the feature film "Chernobyl: Exclusion zone. Final" on the Premier platform

17 october 2019


Today, Premier service users can see how the story of the heroes from the series "Chernobyl. Exclusion zone" ended. They are presented three finals of the project's three storylines in three feature films.

The project "Chernobyl:  Exclusion zone", produced by LOOKFILM, was created by screenwriter Ilya Kulikov and director Dmitry Kiselev with participation of all stars from the series of the same name. Konstantin Davydov, Kristina Kazinskaya, Sergei Romanovich, Anvar Khalilulayev and Valeria Dmitrieva, as well as Evgeny Stychkin and Alexander Yatsenko - in the final story of how five teenagers are trying to stop the global disaster in the fight against the anomalous zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In order to solve the mystery of the exclusion zone, they will have to return to the place where it all began - Pripyat.

According to Ilya Kulikov (director and scriptwriter of the series) "Chernobyl:  Exclusion zone" full-length film became a subject prequel for the whole story, although it is a direct sequel to the second season.  Fans will find out how exactly that smart zone which then became a source of problems for the main characters appeared.

Instead of one, three films with different plot options were released online. The films have a common plot set-up, but at a certain point the plot begins to branch out, which leads to three different finals. No one in Russia has ever released a film in this format.  To fully understand the intricacies of the plot, the fans will have to watch all three films.  The full-length film will give answers to all the riddles and intrigues.

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