In Cannes, a new big project "Survivors" was presented.

23 october 2019


A big premier of OKKO projects took place in Cannes, within the scope of Europe's largest TV market MIPCOM. It was the event at which the company presented itself to the foreign guests, shared its projects, and announced a couple of promising new products. OKKO produces own films, which was announced to the guests of the presentation by the general producer of OKKO Entertainment Sofia Kvashilava.

The main news of the premier was the presentation of a new large project "Survivors" created by  LOOK FILM company by Bakur Bakuradze.  In this case, it is not just a series, but a whole new film universe.  It will include eight web series and one big traditional-form series project which will be interconnected by a common storyline concerning the apocalypse on the earth.  The web series will be released earlier:  they will prepare the audience for the main project. "Survivors" are still in the development stage; shooting has not yet started, there is no information about the cast.

"We will start in the first quarter of 2020," Kvashilava said. According to her, the series will be produced in blocks.  The project "Survivors" will consist of 8 series.  But in addition to them, the studio will present 8 more web-series, which will consist of short 7-10 minutes long episodes, according to Bakur Bakuradze.  Okko's press service says that web-series will include 7-10 episodes each.  The plot of the project is about the apocalypse.

"The theme of the series is the post-apocalyptic world today," Bakuradze said.  The reality after the apocalypse will be shown in eight mini-series; these series will be released first.  After them, the main series will appear, which will show the world before the disaster.   

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